Ep 44: Trina Altman Deconstructed: Making Mistakes + Moving Free

A FULL HOUSE this episode, as Deborah, James, and I all talk to Trina Altman about her past in fashion and finance and her current path as a dynamic movement teacher who refuses (kindly) to be stuck in a tribe-mentality. From her infectious laugh (we like the effusive ones, they make the best drinking buddies – just kidding, but not really), to her super smart approach to movement education , I think we ALL have another “teacher crush” to quote James.

If you like delicious and nerdy dialogue, pushing the edges, and being a critical thinker with an artistic soul you might just LOVE this episode…Duh! Here’s a teaser from Trina:

“I feel as though apparatus base Pilates is the missing link between physical therapy and what is known as general fitness, whether that’s going to the gym or an athletic endeavor, that is underutilized and needs a better PR firm.”

 Trina’s Pro Tip

It’s really fun to deconstruct more complicated Pilates exercises into their component parts to help your students and clients embody the exercise in a new way.

One of my favorite ways to deconstruct the Side Over exercise on the reformer is by changing its orientation to gravity so that there are more closed kinetic chains and tactile feedback.

I have a video of this exercise on my You Tube channel called “The Buoyant Boomerang.” Here’s the link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR6Gk8KM2Hw

Try it and let me know how it goes! You can find me here: www.trinaaltman.com

If you enjoy deconstructing, I have a two online courses on Fusion Pilates Edu that you might be interested in purchasing:



A Hero From Trina

If you are curious about learning anatomy from a connected holistic perspective then I highly recommend studying with Gil Hedley.


I took his Integral Anatomy Dissection Workshop and I cannot recommend it enough! If you can’t take the 6 day course, check out his shorter courses and definitely follow his musings on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Gil-Hedley-Integral-Anatomy-120301201315055/about/?ref=page_internal

P.S. Just to be clear, I make no money from recommending Gil’s courses.


More about Trina

Trina Altman, E-RYT 500, YACEP, PMA®-CPT, STOTT PILATES® certified instructor, is the creator of Yoga Deconstructed™ and Pilates Deconstructed®, which both take an interdisciplinary approach to foster an embodied understanding of yoga and Pilates and their relationship to modern movement science. She leads teacher trainings in Yoga Tune Up® and the Roll Model® Method locally and internationally.

While at Brown University, Trina took a Kripalu yoga class which ignited her passion for the practice. Emphasizing the importance of inner focus, she teaches anatomy for yoga teacher trainings across the country. She has presented at Kripalu, PURE YOGA® NYC, Cal-a-Vie Spa, SYTAR, the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference, ECA, UCLA and multiple yoga conferences. Her teaching fosters body cognition and self-discovery, firmly grounded in anatomical awareness.

Trina builds bridges between the mystical and the pragmatic, and specializes in helping others to access their body’s tissues and their heart’s purpose. Trina works out of Los Angeles at Equinox and The Moving Joint. You can find her online classes and courses at www.trinaaltman.com


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  1. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    So many juicy gems in this episode – I absolutely loved listening to it and feel so inspired to continue along my own journey as a teacher of movement with a new level of freedom. Thank you!


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