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This is the Mecca of ST resources. Here you will find a ridiculous amount of written, audio, and video content as well as the Thinking Pilates Podcast. Enjoy.

Thinking Pilates Podcast

Pilates is a mindset. Movement is a practice. Teaching is a relationship. We talk about it all. The Thinking Pilates Podcast is a fun, edgy, insightful, and relevant (slightly irreverent) conversation that will make ANY Pilates teacher — or yoga, or dance, or anyone who teaches movement — pause and reconsider how they do what they do. Join us as we probe the inner edges of the Pilates industry and the outer limits of movement science, psychology, art, mindfulness and more. We’re in search of how to be better humans through movement and the Pilates mindset. It’s a wild ride. Jump on!



What Does Teaching Make You Grateful For?

A teacher of mine, Jen Louden, was just pondering what teaching makes her grateful for. What does it make you grateful for? Here are my thoughts. I am grateful for my teaching because: It helps me practice presence and mindfulness in mundane, difficult, and joyful moments. how to get your ex back It teaches me […]

Mercy Sidbury Interview

Meet Mercy Sidbury Mercy is not simply masterful, she is deeply invested in the process of exploration and learning as teaching. She has been teaching for nearly 30 years and continues to open herself up to knew perspectives, paths and knowledge. Hear about her connection to developing touch and hands-on facilitating as well as her […]

Lasting Success

Teaching is the most courageous form of learning because we teach who we are. The moment we stop learning — or merely stop being curious — whatever depth we had begins to recede. Whatever connection we had begins to dim. Curiosity, longevity and an authentic presence! Remember the first moment you were in front of […]

Making Hard Choices Part 2

Making Hard Choices Part 2: Hiring Teachers The other day I had the unpleasant task of filling out a wage garnishment form for one of my former teachers. Two years ago, my business partner and I finally had the courage to part ways with this person.  Yet here we were, in 2011, still bogged down […]

How To Be The Kind of Teacher You Really Are…

“Analogous to when I learn a new exercise in Pilates, I was thinking and trying so hard to be absolutely “correct” that my teaching seemed unnatural and mannered. As I have gained experience and been exposed to different students I feel as though I have become more relaxed and “real” with my students.” Geoff Lusk, […]

Making Hard Choices Part 1

Choosing Clients     Recently, a successful Bay Area teacher shared a startling challenge. Despite her success, she has been struggling with clients who express prejudices against her because of the color of her skin. They request the “other” teacher or “feel more comfortable” with someone else or even, she says, shy away from her […]

What It Means To Be Skillful

Skillful – To be skillful in teaching or as a teacher is to be responsive rather than reactive, to hold clear intentions and act from a place of awareness both of ourselves and of those we teach. Skillfulness is the ability to hold knowing and not-knowing at the same time with a sense of openness […]

Meaningful Work

It comes down to this: If you are willing to know yourself deeply and trust what you have to offer, your teaching will be potent, exciting and magnetic. Lasting success – especially financial – is built on this. Your classes will be fuller, your students will keep coming back and your work will have meaning […]

Authentic Presence

It was muggy. Sweat, stale and new, mingled and charged the air.  My anonymity made me feel safe. I could hide behind the veil of having no past and no present with these students, relieved that few looked up when I passed them on the treadmills. The students were preoccupied with watching Oprah or mouthing the […]

Other Free Resources

  • The Cueing Forum

    Get inspired with new verbal cues that will shift the way you teach and the way your students respond. Hundreds of cues to spice things up and make a bigger impact with your teaching!

  • Geeky Articles

    Satisfy your geekiness – technique, repertoire, anatomy and other related topics that will give you a bit of a boost and a much needed spark.

  • Articles for your Inner Teacher

    Go deeper and explore what teaching is really about – developing yourself as a person with clear values and a steadfast commitment to a purpose and vision. Ask the hard questions, get answers that will CHANGE the way your teach and run your business.

  • Geeky Videos

    Videos that highlight repertoire exploration, anatomy and other technical elements that are sure to keep you inspired and curious.