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As you can see I’ve taken the liberty of dividing the Skillful Teaching site into two categories of content: Technique Geek and Inner Teacher. The reason for doing so is to make sure that ALL of the content I produce and offer is in alignment with the my purpose and vision to develop excellent – in fact, extraordinary – teachers. And in order to do that I believe what we most need is a platform and container for the kind of material that allows us to explore our motivations, desires, strengths, talents, values and authentic selves and to learn how to stay connected to these things and consistently express them through every aspect of our teaching.

Although I believe that what is primarily missing in our current professional community is the chance to examine ourselves in relationship to our work and to truly develop our Inner Teacher, I also believe that we cannot be extraordinary teachers without a strong technical foundation, hence my decision to also offer a bit of content designed to thrill and enthrall your inner (or outer) Technique Geek. More on that on the Technique Geek page.

To that end, I hope you enjoy EVERYTHING that is here and spend some much needed time with the digging into the heart and soul of your teaching.


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How To Keep Your Students Coming Back!

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