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Thinking Pilates Podcast


An insightful, deliberate, useful and relevant conversation that will make ANY Pilates teacher (or yoga, or dance, or anyone who teaches movement and works with students) pause and reconsider how they are doing what they do.


The 4 Most Pivotal Teaching Tools For Enhancing Motivation in our Pilates Students and Ourselves

Here we are at long last, the next article in the series on leading our students toward greater, sustained MOTIVATION. In February I posted the first article: “Number One Reason Pilates Students Don’t Stay Motivated & What We Can Do About It TODAY!” If you want to know more about how EXPECTATIONS are likely thwarting you […]

Number One Reason Pilates Students Don’t Stay Motivated & What We Can Do About It TODAY!

Not The ONLY Reason Pilates Students Don’t Stay Motivated – The Most IMPORTANT One There are a MILLION reasons we can lack motivation. Yet I am confident that we can address JUST ONE of these reasons – elevating it to the NUMBER ONE REASON WHY PILATES STUDENTS DON’T STAY MOTIVATED – and not only help our students […]

Teaching as Transformation

Teaching Pilates, teaching yoga, teaching anything…Is an opportunity for transforming and transformation. As a teacher (Pilates or otherwise) we have the rare and beautiful opportunity to be transformed as well as be a catalyst for transformation and it takes little more from us than to consistently show up with an open heart and mind, to […]

Pilates Origins Workshop

Pilates Origins Workshop with Chantill Lopez One teacher’s perspective on what Pilates is, was meant to be, and can be…   SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fulfilled & Successful Teacher 28-Day Online Workshop starts Jan. 18th. Sign up this week (Jan. 5th-9th ONLY) and receive $250 Bonus Gift! Click HERE!   My first meeting with classical Pilates was […]

Your 2014 Year-End Gifts

Hi all, It’s been such an amazingly challenging, productive, and beautiful year! So full of ebbs and flows, creations, and insights. I have so much I want to share with you (in fact, I literally had a whole list of things I wanted to give away), but alas have decided to do what I always […]

What do you do when you retire from teaching Pilates?

Hi friends, I know many of you have gotten emails from me recently, but I’ve been wanting to send out a more personal note to you. Over the past 15 years it’s been such a pleasure, and an honor frankly, to work with each of you, to be exposed to all that you have to […]

Audio Recordings- 5 Simple Mindfulness Meditations To Enhance Your Movement Practice

About The Mindfulness Meditations Below you will find FIVE short audio recordings of mindfulness meditation and breath practices you can use to both enhance your movement practice and add a bit of awareness and calm to any moment. I recorded these to accompany a five-part blog series posted by Balanced Body at by the same […]

The Greatest Love Letter You’ll Ever Write…is to yourself

A Love Letter Like No Other   Dearest Friend, I am often surprised at how long we’ve known each other; sometimes it feels like moments. And yet other times it feels like multiple lifetimes. When I think of our friendship I realize that I have rarely let other people know me in the way that […]

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  • The Cueing Forum

    Get inspired with new verbal cues that will shift the way you teach and the way your students respond. Hundreds of cues to spice things up and make a bigger impact with your teaching!

  • Geeky Articles

    Satisfy your geekiness – technique, repertoire, anatomy and other related topics that will give you a bit of a boost and a much needed spark.

  • Articles for your Inner Teacher

    Go deeper and explore what teaching is really about – developing yourself as a person with clear values and a steadfast commitment to a purpose and vision. Ask the hard questions, get answers that will CHANGE the way your teach and run your business.

  • Geeky Videos

    Videos that highlight repertoire exploration, anatomy and other technical elements that are sure to keep you inspired and curious.