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“Moving Beyond Technique: How to Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, and Create a Thriving Pilates Business,” Lopez deftly and compassionately guides both new and seasoned Pilates teachers through the often-ignored realities and challenges of being a body/mind/movement teacher. She delves deeper than teacher training manuals and over-billed continuing education courses to give readers practical and vital tools to: identify core commitments, create boundaries, face and defeat demons, establish ultimate teacher/student relations, amplify client/student retention, revitalize their love of teaching.

With personal inventory check-ins, practical checklists and other real-life strategies for boosting business and fostering richness in a service-based career, “Moving Beyond Technique” helps readers rekindle their love of teaching and amplify the meaning and joy in their work.”


Upcoming Releases

The Big Book on Teaching & MBT Second Ed.

I’m excited to announce two upcoming book events!

First, arrival immanent, I am releasing a slighted edited version of Moving Beyond Technique, including new ways to connect with me and a new Introduction, plus some other surprises! Currently, we are scheduled for a September release, so stay tuned. There will be a small window to the second edition for FREE through Amazon 🙂

Second, my new book — what I’m calling The Big Book on Teaching (not sure if that will be the actual name of the book, but it’s certainly getting that nickname as it grows to upwards of 300 PAGES!) is nearly ready for it’s first round of edits. Our release date is January 2016 and trust me there will be plenty of fun fanfare to be had in the weeks leading up to the launch.


I am currently looking for teachers who want to share their stories in The Big Book on Teaching. The book covers everything from professionalism (boundaries, marketing, carving out a niche, creating a reputation and more), to personal development, self-care, meditation, and other mindfulness practices, to programming and presentation skills, to hardcore business strategies, to teaching technique and key skills to develop to increase student motivation, success, and retention. So…I’m looking for Case Studies to incorporate that reflect challenges and success in these areas and others.

Basically, I want you to tell me about your teaching:

  • How did you come to teaching?
  • What motivates you and keeps you sane?
  • How did you come up with your teaching style?
  • What are you constantly challenged by, inspired by, driven by?
  • How did you choose your TT program?
  • How did you choose your mentors?
  • AND what burning questions do you have?

The last one being a very important one, as I want to make sure The Big Book on Teaching actually and thoroughly answers the questions you have about making your teaching more powerful, authentic, lasting and lucrative.

Share with me! Share with your community!

Email me your stories at

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

With gratitude,

What People Are Saying

Refreshingly honest, authentic and inspiring. Chantill, and her ultimate guidance in this powerful book, is the voice that yoga and Pilates teachers have been searching for…even if they didn’t know it. Teachers: For your students and your own inner peace, read (and do) this book. It will make a difference.

Cori Martinez
Cori MartinezAuthor, Asha Yoga Owner, Teacher Trainer and International Retreat Leader
Chantill walks the walk, she is a thoughtful, deeply caring teacher whose insights come from fully facing her own challenges and struggles head on and turning them into victories and growth.  I know because I’ve been working beside her for 7 years and can’t imagine where I would be in my own teaching evolution without her encouragement to continually re-asses and her gentle prodding to step more fully into my potential.  As I’ve watched her turn her discoveries into a successful mentoring program and coaching business I’ve witnessed how profoundly she has affected her trainees, setting them far ahead of those who’ve not had the opportunity in their movement training programs to delve into these deeper questions making all the difference in establishing joy and longevity in a fledgling career.  Seasoned teachers also reignite passion and cultivate greater satisfaction with Chantill’s guidance.  Listen closely, dig deep!
Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech
Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech Owner Pilates Collective, Founder Pilates Home Practice