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expert technicians and GREAT TEACHERS

Bridging the gap between

Master's Program

Science + Psychology of Teaching

The 28 Day Course

Transforming teachers + lives


Sunday, March 18th, 2018

THE Mentoring Program

For PILATES teachers



Join at ANY stage at ANY time

Like minded teachers in support of each other

Private + Group Coaching

Effective + Accessible + POWERFUL

Teachers + studio owners

Restore your PASSION + PURPOSE

Breakthrough your roadblocks

Discover how to bring ALL of you to your work

Welcome to the digital age of Pilates...

Plan. Track. Share. Motivate. Inspire.

The innovative NEW app for and by Pilates Teachers

Get Skillful Teaching's unique library of exercises and set yourself apart


A Whole-Person Approach

The 28-Day Fulfilled + Successful Pilates Teacher online workshop is a unique, in-depth, and highly powerful interactive course for teachers who want to bring their ENTIRE selves to teaching. Join us Sunday, March 18th, 2018. RENEW + RESET + RE-ENVISION.


The Master’s Program

The Science + Psychology of Teaching Master’s Program, created with Anne Bishop M.Ed, founder of Body Brain Connect, is a one-of-a-kind program that gives teachers an opportunity to catapult their craft, take a larger stage, and create something BIG.


Private + Group Coaching

Coaching is one of the MOST powerful ways to experience Skillful Teaching and get the generous, compassionate, and clear support you’ve been looking for. Coaching is high potency mentoring that helps you make progress fast! New Group Coaching makes it easier + more accessible.


Mentorship For ALL Teachers

Skillful Teaching’s 12-month Mentoring Program is a powerful ONE-OF-A-KIND resource that fills ALL the gaps! Join teachers from all over the world who want more from themselves and their careers! LIVE & ONLINE. Join anytime.

#1 Resource In The World For Pilates Teachers

Skillful Teaching does what no other professional development or continuing education program does: It transforms good technicians into GREAT teachers. Chantill will show you how to integrate good technique into a profoundly powerful career of service, education and creativity that is not only financially successful, but personally fulfilling. Skillful Teaching picks up where your teacher training leaves off; it bridges the gaps between technical skill and everything else. What you can expect from Chantill and the Skillful Teaching programs is personal, intuitive, targeted (100% honest) feedback and guidance that produces powerful results, increased confidence and greater sustainability for your work. Take a moment to see what other teachers are saying about their work with Chantill in and out of the studio.

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