renew. reset + re-envision your teaching

The 28-Day Course

Dive in. March 18th, 2018

The Mentoring Program

one stop EVERY teacher should make

The Science + Psychology of Teaching

Master's Program

Be more than a great technician. Become an EXPERT TEACHER.


The 28-Day Course

A whole-person approach to teaching. The 28-Day Fulfilled + Successful Pilates Teacher is a great place to begin your journey with Skillful Teaching. Join us for this powerful opportunity to renew your self-practice, reset your energy, and re-envision your purpose. Join us on Sunday, March 18th, 2018!



The 12-month Mentoring Program is a powerful, ONE-OF-A-KIND resource that fills ALL the gaps! Join our rich and diverse community teachers from all over the world who want more from themselves and their careers! LIVE & ONLINE. Join anytime.


The Master’s Program

The Science + Psychology of Teaching Master’s Program, created with Anne Bishop M.Ed, founder of Body Brain Connect, is a project-based curriculum designed to give teachers an opportunity to catapult their careers, take a larger stage, and create something BIG.


Online Education

Innovative, convenient, and fun! Gain forever access to workshops ranging from manual cueing to anatomy to advanced repertoire. “Real-life” courses with real people, real questions, and real conversations. Go at your own pace + interact with me via our fabulous online platform.

#1 Resource For Pilates Teachers

Skillful Teaching does what no other professional development or continuing education program does: It transforms good technicians into GREAT teachers. Chantill will show you how to integrate good technique into a profoundly powerful career of service, education and creativity that is not only financially successful, but personally fulfilling. Skillful Teaching picks up where your teacher training leaves off; it bridges the gaps between technical skill and everything else. What you can expect from Chantill and the Skillful Teaching programs is personal, intuitive, targeted (100% honest) feedback and guidance that produces powerful results, increased confidence and greater sustainability for your work. Take a moment to see what other teachers are saying about their work with Chantill in and out of the studio.

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