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teachingWeekly and monthly free content from articles, tips, blog posts, videos, interviews and teaching resources. Our free offerings include a ONE OF A KIND Verbal Cueing Forum that is at your disposal! Find creative, innovative and insightful verbal cues to help get the results you want.

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The TEACHER’S EXCHANGE: For 2014 Chantill is offering a more personal and intimate workshop-style program called the Teacher’s Exchange. This program is based on an in-studio program that brought together teachers from throughout the Northern California community to explore, share, and exchange information and insights into teaching.

The Skillful Teaching version of this program is a MONTHLY phone workshop followed by links to worksheets, resources, articles and often videos on a particular subject. Take advantage of this wonderful and rich learning opportunity now.

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IMG_2903Get expert guidance from a leading authority in the movement community. Go deep and get small group and one-on-one support with the Skillful Teaching Coaching and Mentoring Programs. Weekly webinars, monthly check-in calls, private calls, customized strategies, private seminars and lessons on anything from anatomy to student retention to program and personal development. It doesn’t get better than this!


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Moving Beyond Technique by Chantill Lopez

Transferring educational instinct into workable, measurable progress is something Lopez performs brilliantly. Read this book and improve your Pilates teaching and business acumen no matter where you are in your path.” – Anne Bishop, M.Ed, CPT.

Moving Beyond Technique is a workable, in-depth, thoughtful, and exciting journey into the richness of teaching, one that goes beyond just repertoire and anatomy. Explore concepts like how to identify core commitments, create boundaries, establish rich and lasting teacher/student relations, amplify client/student retention, and revitalize your love of teaching.

Currently available as a Kindle book (readable on any device with a free Kindle reader app) and in paperback through Create Space and Amazon.com

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