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Welcome to the Thinking Pilates Podcast!

A Different Way To THINK About Pilates.

Pilates is a mindset. Movement is a practice. Teaching is a relationship. We talk about it all. The Thinking Pilates Podcast is a fun, edgy, insightful, and relevant (slightly irreverent) conversation that will make ANY Pilates teacher — or yoga, or dance, or anyone who teaches movement — pause and reconsider how they do what they do. Join us as we probe the inner edges of the Pilates industry and the outer limits of movement science, psychology, art, mindfulness and more. We’re in search of how to be better humans through movement and the Pilates mindset. It’s a wild ride. Jump on!

Created by Chantill Lopez, founder of Skillful Teaching, and co-hosted by master teacher trainer and mentor Debora Kolwey, of the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, and master teacher and founder of and owner of Evolved Body Studio, James Crader.

Chantill Lopez
Chantill LopezCreator + Host
Debora Kolwey
Debora KolweyCo-creator + Co-host
James Crader
James CraderCo-host

Ep 28: No Fucking Around – James Crader is the real deal

In all honesty, James Crader is one of the most exceptional teachers I’ve ever met (as can be seen by the fact that I’ve also written an article about him). I’m definitely nursing a teacher crush — no reason to deny it — that is based on more than our love of profanity (this podcast was […]

Ep. 27: When change hits the fan…discerning in the big picture.

If you ever struggle with UNCERTAINTY, or ever find yourself feeling UNCOMFORTABLE with NOT KNOWING — this is your podcast! I feel like I could say this EVERY time we do a show, but this one was really awesome! It’s the third in a continued conversation about how to be present and aware in our teaching […]

Ep. 26: From mimicry to original thought…How does it happen?

The path to taking your seat as a teacher. The evolution of the teacher within. How do you become the teacher you are, not the one you were trained to be? This is one our BEST PODCASTS to date! We have two wonderful teachers join the conversation and offer their perspective on when they really […]

Ep. 25: Missed Opportunities in Teaching – How to recognize and utilize pivotal opportunities for potent teaching

It happens to the best of us. We get in our own way. In this episode Chantill and Debora explore how we can get caught in our own agendas or lack of confidence and miss valuable opportunities to bring power and precision to our teaching. Whether you’re a new teacher focused on mastering complex choreography […]

Ep. 24: All About Eve Gentry

This is, what I’m sure will be, the first of several conversations with Debora Kolwey — our Thinking Pilates Podcast co-host — about one of her teachers and mentors, Eve Gentry. Our chat takes place right after Debora was a speaker on a panel at the PMA conference on Eve and her work. It’s a […]

Ep 23: Special Edition #2 – What it Really Means to Teach From Within

This is the second special edition episode where you get to hear an honest and revealing conversation with teachers who’ve just completed 30 days of dedicated self-practice. These episodes are SO worth listening to. Gain insight and inspiration from other teachers who are putting in diligent and dedicated work to understand their motivation to practice […]

Ep 22: Special Edition – Practice. Working in Real Life.

The next two episodes of the Thinking Pilates Podcast are a special addition to our series. They are both candid conversations I recently had with teachers and students about the realities of self-practice, what it is supposed to look like, and how to maintain it. This is a frequent theme on our show, however these episodes […]

Ep 21: Zen and the Art of Teaching with Tom McCook

Tom McCook is one of my all time favorite teachers not only to study with but to just be near. There are those rare people who you gravitate toward as if they were pulling you into their orbit – that is Tom. Learn how this deeply calm, compassionate and inquisitive teacher builds his teaching foundation. […]

Ep 19: Pilates, Healthcare and Mentors with Dr. Suzanne Martin

In this podcast interview Dr. Suzanne Martin talks about her work and how she got where she is: a master Pilates teacher with a Ph.D. in physical therapy. We also chat about what inspires her to keeping pushing Pilates as a means of healing and a potential alternative to traditional healthcare. It was very cool to […]