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Welcome to the Thinking Pilates Podcast!

The Thinking Pilates Podcast is everything you wish you had as a professional Pilates teacher. We ask the hard questions and tackle the business, philosophy, and technique of teaching Pilates from cutting edge methodology to the psychology of relationships. Thinking Pilates is also a celebration of the art, science, and craft of teaching. Uncover exactly what you need to be an EXCEPTIONAL Pilates teacher, connect to a richer community, and thrive with purpose and passion.

Created by Chantill Lopez, founder of Skillful Teaching, and co-hosted by master teacher trainer and mentor Debora Kolwey, of the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, and master teacher and founder of Project Move University, owner of Evolved Body Studio, James Crader.

Chantill Lopez
Chantill LopezCreator + Host
Debora Kolwey
Debora KolweyCo-creator + Co-host
James Crader
James CraderCo-host

Ep 37: “We Are Not Trees.” The pitfalls of comparing, the folly of self-improvement.

Happy to be back with Debora Kolwey in this episode talking about a very interesting topic that plagues all of us to some degree…comparing. Whether we are comparing yoga to Pilates, classical to contemporary, or ourselves to others, the comparing mind can assume a state of right or wrong, that one way, one thing, one […]

Ep 36: Our changing industry – Do we fear or embrace change?

I’m excited to share this podcast with you for a couple of reasons. One, Melissa Kakavas and I met and connected several years ago while in the Balanced Body faculty training. We were thrust together spontaneously to make some videos for their enthusiasts collection, but had never even met. It’s not all that often that […]

Ep 35: Circle of Trust – LIVE Round Table @ Village Pilates, Chicago

What is a circle of trust? It’s a gathering of people who honor the process, not the outcome. It’s a coming together of diverse histories, experiences, strengths, skills, motivations, and talents in order to discover…something or maybe nothing. The first and only place I’ve ever heard of a circle of trust is from author Parker […]

Ep 34: Brain, Mind, Body – The Missing Pieces w/ Anne Bishop

What’s your brain got to do with it? What is your mind? We are taught that Pilates is a body, mind, spirit approach, but one sometimes wonders (in my case a lot of the time) where the mind and spirit fits in when we were being taught. Our podcast guest, Anne Bishop, founder of Body […]

Ep 33: How to break the rules – When questioning is the answer.

Today we proudly bring you episode 33 staring one of our new co-hosts, mentor and teacher, Trinity Minty. Even though we are technically one third of the way to 100 it somehow feels like this is still only our second episode. We’ve gotten so much wonderful feedback as a response to our new and improved […]

Ep 32: The Absolutely fabulous women of Primal Movement WORKS

Join me in this fantastic interview with the talented, funny, and successful band of mighty misfits, the founders of Absolute Center in Lafayette, CA: Claudia Moose, Katie Santos, and Louise Johns. In this episode you’re going to get a lot of laughs (that’s I think par for the course with us), get a ton of […]

Ep 30: Geeking out w/ Anna Hartman – Wow! What?! That’s AWESOME!

Welcome to our 30th podcast! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to give you a peek into one of the most curious and beautiful brains I’ve ever…met? gotten to know? had the pleasure of learning from? All of the above I suppose. Anna Hartman is kind of magical. She’s all heart […]

Ep: 29 – Digital Health Meet Joseph Quinn & Pilates Metrics

Big data and digital health meet Pilates. Pilates meet big data and digital health. Who’s responsible for this titillating and powerful introduction? Enter Joseph and Karine Quinn, owners of Real People Pilates in Berkeley, CA and founders of the new app for Pilates teachers by Pilates teachers – Pilates Metrics, launching NOW! Join me and […]

Ep 28: No Fucking Around – James Crader is the real deal

In all honesty, James Crader is one of the most exceptional teachers I’ve ever met (as can be seen by the fact that I’ve also written an article about him). I’m definitely nursing a teacher crush — no reason to deny it — that is based on more than our love of profanity (this podcast was […]