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Welcome to the Thinking Pilates Podcast!

The Thinking Pilates Podcast is everything you wish you had as a professional Pilates teacher. We ask the hard questions and tackle the business, philosophy, and technique of teaching Pilates from cutting edge methodology to the psychology of relationships. Thinking Pilates is also a celebration of the art, science, and craft of teaching. Uncover exactly what you need to be an EXCEPTIONAL Pilates teacher, connect to a richer community, and thrive with purpose and passion.

Created by Chantill Lopez, founder of Skillful Teaching, and co-hosted by master teacher trainer and mentor Debora Kolwey, of the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, and master teacher and founder of Project Move University, owner of Evolved Body Studio, James Crader.

Chantill Lopez
Chantill LopezCreator + Host
Debora Kolwey
Debora KolweyCo-creator + Co-host
James Crader
James CraderCo-host

Ep: 47 Season 1 Debrief – We: The Movement

So…this episode is… Hilarious. Totally off the cuff. Insanely honest. Thoughtful. Profound. Goofy. Riddled with lots of juicy language. (Headphones?) And the three of us being exactly who we are hashing out all of the beautiful ideas that have infiltrated our conversations over the past (47 episodes, what?!) season. We talk about: Teaching fatigue The […]

Ep: 46 Teacher Debrief – Raising the Volume {Part 2}

Here we are, our second installment of the Teacher Debrief. A little background if you missed Part 1: Originally Debora, James and I wanted to do a show that brought just the three of us back together to reflect on and unearth some of what we’d been talking about in the 4-5 most recent episodes. […]

Ep 45: Teacher Debrief – Raising the Volume {Part 1}

This was a very fun two-part series where we explored a new concept called the Teacher Debrief. Originally Debora, James and I wanted to do a show that brought just the three of us back together to reflect on and unearth some of what we’d been talking about in the 4-5 most recent episodes. Due […]

Ep 44: Trina Altman Deconstructed: Making Mistakes + Moving Free

A FULL HOUSE this episode, as Deborah, James, and I all talk to Trina Altman about her past in fashion and finance and her current path as a dynamic movement teacher who refuses (kindly) to be stuck in a tribe-mentality. From her infectious laugh (we like the effusive ones, they make the best drinking buddies […]

Ep 43: Where history, art, and potatoes collide – A lesson w/ Anula Maiberg

James and I are very, VERY excited to be sharing this latest episode of the TTP with you. It’s one of our funniest, most philosophical, intelligent, and wild episodes yet. I think we’ve done it; we’ve gotten everything we could possibly get out of a guest. AND Anula gives A LOT! Get to know her, […]

Ep 42: Self-Practice – The what, why & HOW (that eludes us)

Why should our students practice? And how do we get it to happen? Recent Facebook post: One of my favorite cohorts, Trinity Grace Minty, and I will be recording an in-depth conversation on self-practice, student autonomy, and self-efficacy tomorrow for the Thinking Pilates Podcast. We’d like to hear from you on how you work to cultivate these […]

Ep 41: Unraveling Pilates mythology with Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle

What an absolute thrill it was to make this podcast! In episode 41 we are talking to Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle, a dear and wonderful human being and a consummate contributor to the Pilates, yoga, and movement industries. If I were going to choose one way to describe Wendy it would be a movement astronaut; she’s not […]

Ep 40: Nikki Naab-Levy – A fresh conversation on “Body Diversity”

Nikki describes herself as a kind of interpreter of ideas in the movement community; someone who looks at all that’s out there and helps others make sense of it, how it fits, and how it supports us as movers and professionals who teach movement. When I was exploring Nikki’s website and podcast there was one […]

Ep 39: Cognitive overload – A trap laid with best intentions.

Welcome to Episode 39…another wonderful exploration with James Crader. We’re just so damn excited to have him as a part of the team…the conversations we’ve had on and off recording have been incredibly rich, stirring up all kinds of edgy and fun topics we can’t wait to share with you. In this episode James and […]

Ep 38: Down the rabbit hole with James Crader – Developing presence and other delightful nonsense

Today is a good day. Today you get to experience the continued brilliance of James Crader, but this time as an official co-host of the Thinking Pilates Podcast. Join me and James every other episode as we explore another parallel thread to being and thinking within the Pilates Method. It’s total shenanigans (obviously) AND such a […]