Restoring Joy To Teaching + Practice

The 28-Day Course

Renew. Reset. And re-envision your teaching. Rediscover your Inner Teacher in this rich, inquiry-based course and nurture yourself alongside a community of like-minded teachers.

What it’s all about:

{November 2017 marked a very exciting rendition of our flagship course! We are turning things upside down, rolling them around, and making our flagship 28-day Course all about RENEWAL + RESET this time around. You can expect all of the same wonderful self-care and self-practice elements, movement and meditation as well as journaling and self-inquiry, but our focus will be on helping you renew and reset as you reflect on all that you’ve accomplished and setting yourself up for wise and kind action in 2018.}

Is finding time to rest, reflect on where you’re going in your teaching, and dedicate time to a meaningful practice difficult to do? Do you struggle to muster the passion you know you still have and bring it to your work everyday?

No matter where you are on your path it is possible to meet your teaching and your life every day with a sense of purpose and groundedness, ease and openness that lasts.

Bring back your contagious energy and a clear vision for your teaching that is not only inspiring to your students but helps you navigate choices both in and out of the studio.

What you will get out of this course:

  • Joy, sweetness, a renewed sense of meaning in your work, strength, and a shift in perspective.
  • How to engage in and sustain your own creative and motivating self-practice in the face of change, busy-ness, and adversity.
  • An exploration of your current challenges and roadblocks and how they are holding you back.
  • Tools and sustainable strategies for both honoring where you are and continuing into the future with a renewed sense of purpose, reset and ready to move forward.

Dedicate 28 days to RENEW + RESET yourself, your teaching, and your business and cultivate a sense of focus and energy as you move toward 2018. Engage in a potent process that will take you deeply into your own personal practice, reveal your motivations and reasons for continuing to be a student of movement as well as a teacher.

Discover what’s at the heart of your teaching and of your life by examining your expectations, intentions, and core values. Through a simple inquiry process, journaling, and reflection you’ll get closer to creating a fluid foundation for everything you do.

Develop a habit of practice that is strong, focused, and malleable, not based on guilt or the ever-present “shoulds”, but self-kindness and the ability to keep showing up even when practice doesn’t look like you want it to.

Connect and be supported by experienced teachers and facilitators. Engage in Weekly Group Calls (Sundays at 10 am PST starting on 3/18/2018) and in the Live Online Discussion Boards with your peers. Although the calls are not required, they are a beautiful and powerful opportunity for you to explore the current topic, share your insights, and mine the work.

Connect with teachers from all over the world, go at your own pace, find the support you’ve been looking for and RENEW and RESET.

**This course is based on Chantill’s one-of-a-kind book “Moving Beyond Technique: How To Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, And Create A Thriving Pilates Business.”

Why you should take this course:

Develop the Art of Practice.

Movement not only heals it changes lives and the world. Practice is how we continue to relate to ourselves and our students as we change,  experience newness, and unravel all that life has to offer.  This course will not only get you moving, it will help you nurture yourself and your teaching from a whole-person perspective so you can be a better teacher, person, entrepreneur and human being. And it’s fun 😉

Teaching to the WHOLE you.

I’ve been teaching in some form or another for 25 years and what I know beyond a doubt is that sustainable teaching requires us to bring our WHOLE selves to the table. If you’re interested in exploring what lies beneath your practice and your desire to serve, that’s where we’re headed. Enjoy the process of digging in and exploring how to make your life and your teaching the best it can be.

Be held accountable to what matters most.

If you teach you MUST practice. Bottom line. And I’ll never tell you otherwise just to make you feel better. But practice can be kind, fun, creative, malleable, and a place to be you’re best self. If you’re looking for a foundation for your practice that facilitates a clearer commitment to your health, your work, and your life then the framework you’ll get here is sure to make you smile. 🙂

I’d like to start Sunday, March 18th, 2018!

I’d like to start Sunday, March 18th, 2018!