Nothing else like it…ANYWHERE!

What you’re going to get out of this one-of-a-kind course:

Dedicate 28 days to your teaching like you never have before. This workshop will take you deeply into your own personal practice, reveal your motivations and reasons for teaching and help you realign with a strong and potent vision for your teaching so that you can overcome roadblocks and consistently inspire your students!

Develop the habit of practice and establish the skills to maintain it so that your teaching is rooted in real and dedicated experience. Be accountable to WALKING YOUR TALK and experience the value of being your own best student. Not only get stronger, be more strongly able to teach from a place of living your practice.

Connect and be supported via our Weekly Group Calls (Sundays at 10 am PST) and in the Live Online Discussion Boards! This will be the opportunity for you to explore the topic of the week, share your insights, and ask your questions. Connect with others and go at your own pace.

Redefine your teaching and your business by establishing a precise teaching vision, identifying your ideal students, crafting a powerful message and philosophy for every thing you do in your work. Learn how to ask the right questions when things get tough, more easily move through roadblocks and stay connected to your core values.

Design your teaching and business to reflect what is most important to you in your life!

Why you should take this course:

Actually practice what you preach.

Movement heals. You know this. This course is going to not only get you moving for yourself, but help you to nurture yourself on multiple levels so you can be a better teacher, person, entrepreneur and human being. You know what’s good for you – Move!

A teacher who teaches to the WHOLE you.

I’ve been teaching in some form or another for 25 years and what I know beyond a doubt is how to teach to the WHOLE person. If you need this, want this and suspect that you could DO this too, then your damn right! And there is no need to wait. Not only be guided by highly educated, intuitive, and creative teachers, learn how you can do the same thing.

Be held accountable to what matters most.

If you teach you MUST practice. Bottom line! And I will never tell you otherwise just to make you feel better. If you want major jolt to the system, an opportunity to be held accountable to a self-practice that is sure to put you back on track., this it it.

I’d like to start Sunday, November 12th, 2017!

Betsy Walker
If you are at a point in your teaching, whether it has just begun or you are a seasoned teacher, and you are looking for answers, the 28-day course is for you.  You will be exposed to fresh new ways of looking at yourself, how you think and feel, how you move, and breathe, and how your self-practice can transform your energy, life and teaching. You will undoubtedly come out of the course with clarity, and purpose to move you forward in your Pilates teaching journey.
Betsy Walker Owner Core Align Pilates - Aura, CO
Kelly Meeker

Chantill has been my teacher, mentor, and friend for many years. She is a brilliant teacher of both Pilates and how to be a teacher – two distinct, but overlapping, pursuits. She has coached me on the foundational things, like introducing myself to clients and cueing from multiple perspectives, and on the advanced pursuits that make good teachers great, like finding strength in times of doubt and insecurity and working with challenging students. She will meet you where you are, help you set goals both personal professional, and guide you in mapping an executing a path forward. Moreover, she’ll ask you the tough questions you may be too nervous to ask yourself! I cannot recommend anyone as a mentor more fulsomely than I recommend Chantill. 

Kelly MeekerApprentice Pilates Teacher
Ava Motter

I recently told the studio owner where I teach that I feel like my schedule is busier and people are staying longer because of my work with Chantill.  I feel more energized, more focused, and more excited about my teaching! I know it’s working. Of course I really want to be the best teacher I can be and that motivation helps, but our work together is pushing me forward.

Ava MotterCPT, Hendrickson Method Therapist
Cori Martinez

I have been teaching my own Yoga Teacher Training programs for several years now and feel extremely fortunate to have hosted Chantill as a guest presenter many times. Not only is she brilliant in the area of Anatomy, but she has the skill to present a potentially dry and challenging subject with passion, enthusiasm and clarity. My students always LOVE her. If Chantill is offering to share what she knows about teaching and presenting, count me in! Even though I have been teaching for 15 years, Chantill has valuable information to share on the subject of being an effective teacher. Owner of Asha Yoga, Creator of Living Yoga and Asha Yoga Teacher Trainings

Cori MartinezAuthor of "Plus One - Finding God on the Yoga Mat", owner of Asha Yoga and Inner Wisdom Coach
Centa Uhalde

As a student in her classes, I’ve known Chantill as a fledgling teacher years ago, and now as a mentee in her Pilates teacher training, as a Master Teacher with her own studio, that she has had, in partnership, for many years. From my earliest encounters with Chantill until the present, I’ve been deeply touched by her recognition of my background as an experienced mover. Now, in the teacher training, she encourages me to bring this knowledge forward into a vision for the kind of Pilates teacher I want to be. She takes great pains to be available to her students, is thoughtful and affirming while able to help a student zero in on their problem areas. READ MORE.

Centa UhaldePilates Teacher, Coach, MA, Movement Specialist

I’d like to start Sunday, Novemer 12th, 2017!