Mentoring Options

Become a personally FULFILLED & financially SUCCESSFUL Pilates teacher. Mentorship takes the form of three different options. See below for all the details.

Three ways to get started

The mentorship I offer through ST has been dubbed The Engaged Teacher Roadmap and is accessible THREE WAYS:

      1. The 28-Day Fulfilled & Successful Pilates Teacher Online Inquiry Workshop.
      2. The EXCLUSIVE, one-of-a-kind 12- Month Mentoring Program.
      3. And Private Professional Coaching that can happen conveniently from ANYWHERE in the world!

Private Professional Coaching

If you just want to get straight to work and know that the direct approach is right for you, we can get started as soon as tomorrow. In a 90-minute coaching session we can focus on anything that is preventing you from having the teaching career, business, or work/life balance that you most desire. If you’re not sure what path is right for you, you can schedule a Free Strategy Session. Book a session today.


The Mentoring Program

The world’s #1 professional support program for Pilates, yoga and other movement teachers. 12 months of amazing learning and growth that will help you develop yourself as a dynamic, highly effective, financial successful and personal fulfilled teacher of the highest caliber. What else is there to say. Watch the video to the right to hear from a Mentoring Program veteran. >>>


28-Day Fulfilled & Successful Online Course

28 days of focusing on you, your self-practice, your purpose, and clarifying WHY you are teaching so that you can make better choices and steer your teaching and career down a straighter path. Our next course begins October 4th – Last course for 2015!


Changing lives.

What does Engaged Teacher ROADMAP even mean?

The Engaged Teacher ROADMAP is what EVERY Pilates teacher should have at the beginning of their teaching career. And it’s an invaluable resource NO MATTER how long you’ve been teaching. This ROADMAP helps Pilates teachers create an unshakable foundation for not only technically superior teaching, but also educating their, inspiring, motivating and cultivating long term commitment in their students.

But even MORE THAN THAT, the Engaged Teacher ROADMAP is an opportunity to be in community with other teachers and to do the personal work that is required of all of us to create work/life balance, meaningful and lasting contributions and financial success.

Many of us believe that financial abundance is about having the right marketing, cutting costs, and knowing the tricks of social media or having other logistic and strategic systems figured out. However, those things are only as effective as our understanding of ourselves is strong and our motives are clear. Without clarity of Purpose and strength of vision no tools will ever be as effective as it could be.

And that is what the ROADMAP is for.