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Your Online Courses

  • The Manual Cueing Series

    The Manual Cueing Video Series is an in-depth look at applying touch in the Pilates environment. It is a series of 22 instructional videos that you can easily and readily apply to your teaching.

  • Fearless Extension

    A 12-hour in-depth course exploring a revolutionary way of teaching extension. Never be afraid to promote and develop spinal extension in students with low back and neck pain again!

  • Pure Potential

    Assess, progress and inspire your students’ greatest potential with the advanced Pilates repertoire. Build excitement, promote dedication, and see powerful shifts in your students when you they are regularly exposed to the mental and physical demands of advanced level work.

  • Scoliosis & Osteoporosis Unraveled

    Unraveling Scoliosis & Osteoporosis: Tools that you can ACTUALLY use, that ACTUALLY produce results!

    Get the practice you always wish you had working with scoliotic and osteoporotic clients. Learn simple ways to Assess, Plan for, and Progress your students so that they get the most out of every session and reach their FULL POTENTIAL!

    In this workshop you will learn not only the most straight forward protocols that you can use consistently and with great success, but you will learn how to be more SKILLFUL in how you APPLY your knowledge so you never feel unsure or unprepared when working with scoliotic and osteoporotic students again.

  • Anatomy That Sticks

    A functional & experiential exploration of the body.

    This is a 12-hour course in anatomy that is FUN and memorable! I approach anatomy with passion and a sense of humor and a strong desire for it to STICK!

    In this course you will use a variety of learning styles and tools that help you integrate the material right away into your teaching and your own practice.

    There’s nothing else like this live or online.

  • A Body of Spirals

    The innermost connections of easeful and efficient movement.

    This workshop is about what connects us; what connects us front to back, side to side, top to bottom, inside out and how the spiral

    Spirals. Diagonals. Lines of movement. Boney rhythms. Contractile fields. The infinite connectedness of tissue, sensation and organization; the heart of the balance between ease and effort, which affords us a new and potentially more powerful perspective on teaching movement.

  • The Cueing Lab

    The Cueing Lab is an in-depth study of how to build powerful touch and language skills into your teaching for greater student and teacher success! A continuation of The Manual Cueing Series.

    In this 6.5 hour course we will learn the different types of verbal and manual cues and what they actually do and DO NOT do for our students, the most skillful approaches to using each kind of cue and the best time to use them.

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