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I was so affected by the new teacher meeting on Friday and the emphasis in that meeting on “give to get.”  You guys always encourage us, as teachers and then as people, to make right choices, not selfish choices – and to trust those choices. I really appreciate the model you two present that owning a successful business doesn’t preclude staying true to some important values like community, generosity, honesty and joyful enthusiasm.” — Tiffany DeMartin

About Teacher Training

Where You Can Find Me

I am proud to be a part of the Balanced Body Faculty and offer their educational program at EPY Center in Sacramento, CA in partnership with Wahida Sharman.

Currently my offerings include a variety of BB modules along side the talented staff at EPY Center, as well as mentoring participating teachers at both EPY and my partner studio, Pilates Collective, in Sebastopol, CA, where I also teach a comprehensive Functional and Experiential Anatomy Course for emerging Pilates and yoga teachers at least twice a year.

The Balanced Body programs at both EPY Center and Pilates Collective are unique because you not only learn to teach Pilates with excellence and mastery, but learn how to inspire growth, courage and balance in a supportive and intuitive atmosphere through the studio’s participation in the Skillful Teaching Mentoring Program.

Through the Balanced Body Teacher Training program you get the highest quality training with the additional expertise of our experienced and dynamic teachers as well as in-depth support in developing yourself as a well-rounded, personally fulfilled, and entrepreneurially strong Pilates teacher ready to face ALL the challenges of teaching as a career via the Mentoring Program.

If you want the BEST of Balanced Body and the best mentoring to support you on the journey, please click the link below and explore when our next trainings are.

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About the Mentoring Program

How we support you every step of the way …

The Skillful Teaching Mentoring Program is offered to teachers currently going through the BB teacher training program at Pilates Collective and EPY Center as well as online for teachers around the world and those who are either in other TT programs, or who have completed their teacher training.

Let me repeat that: You DO NOT have to be in the BB teacher training, nor have done the BB program, to take advantage of the Mentoring Program.

We work with teachers from ANY program including, but not limited to:

  • Polestar
  • BASI
  • Pilates Academy International
  • Pilates Sports Center
  • Balanced Body
  • Fletcher Pilates
  • The Pilates Center
  • And others from around the globe…

The Skillful Teaching Mentoring Program is not associated with any ONE studio, but rather collaborates with studios all over the world to bring a higher level of training and support to the teacher training process.

The kinds of support the Mentoring Program offers includes:

  • Monthly 1×1 private coaching to help you target areas of challenge and growth.
  • An international community of teachers at different levels, which facilitates a powerful Collective Mentoring environment.
  • Quarterly Mentoring Workshops that focus on special populations and building personal accountability, self-care and self-practice, business savvy, and multi-layered teaching skills necessary for success!
  • A private Facebook platform for sharing, asking questions, exploring and learning.
  • An EXTENSIVE online learning platform with videos, articles, and crucial resources NOT provided in your teacher training programs.
  • And more…

For more information about the Mentoring Program HERE

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Teacher Training Modules

Upcoming 2016 Teacher Training Modules

2017 & 2018 Module Dates

Balanced Body Modules @ EPY Center, Sacramento, CA


3-Month Mat & Reformer IMMERSION 

Principles: Sunday, Oct. 1 with Wahida Sharman

Mat 1 + Reformer 1: Thursday – Monday, Oct. 5 – 8  with Megan Soske

Mat 2 + Reformer 2: Thursday – Monday, Nov. 1 -5 with Megan Soske

Reformer 3: Saturday – Sunday, Dec. 9-10 with Chantill Lopez


Apparatus 1: Sept. 22 – 24 with Megan Soske

Apparatus 2/3: Oct. 19 – 22 with Chantill Lopez


3-Month Mat & Reformer IMMERSION 

NEW FORMAT Principles: Friday – Sunday, Feb. 16 – 18 with Wahida Sharman

Mat 1 + Reformer 1: Thursday – Monday, March 1 – 4 with Megan Soske

Mat 2 + Reformer 2: Thursday – Monday, April 5 – 8 with Chantill Lopez

Reformer 3: Saturday – Sunday, May 4 – 6 with Chantill Lopez


Apparatus 1: June 29 – July 1 with Wahida Sharman

Apparatus 2/3: July 26 – 29 with Megan Soske

Go to the EPY Center website for more details: HERE

**Modules can be taken separately. You don’t need to be in the Immersion to register. ** 

To Register For Teacher Training

REGISTER for Balanced Body Modules by visiting and following links to Education & the Education Finder. Search EPY Center, Sacramento, CA.