Q: How can I expect to market myself differently?


A: After you complete the Master’s program you’ll find that you not only have a plethora of new skills, but you’ll also have a re-inspired direction and purpose, both of which you can leverage into a variety of marketing strategies.

It is our expectation that after the program you will have developed a greater level of expertise and authority in a specific area of your teaching that you can then turn into unique programming and/or attracting a specific audience.

In terms of the Pilates and complementary professional communities, having successfully completed master-level coursework means that you have demonstrated a desire to learn and have been put through the rigors of investigative research, planning, assessing, and program development. These skills go a very long way in enhancing your credibility and authority.

What you call yourself after you complete the program is entirely up to you. There are no official “letters” to attach to your name, however we feel that the tangible project that you’ll take away from the program will arm you with everything you need to make a big impression and take on a more significant role in your community if that’s what you choose.

Q: Q: What results can I expect to gain and give to my patients/clients with these new skills?

QbrushstrokeA: Your results will, of course, vary widely depending on your specific clientele and the focus you bring to the program and your project. The tools that we will be sharing with you are very likely to make you more effective at the following things:

  • Clearer and more powerful verbal and manual instruction so that your students are able to make more immediate connections and deeply integrated change in their bodies.
  • A framework for teaching awareness that takes into account the brain and the emotional components of teaching and learning so that your students are empowered to OWN their process and make internally driven insights as well as cultivate intrinsic motivation and autonomy in their practice. This inevitably means that your students will make quicker progress and get long lasting results that are not solely reliant on you. You will be affecting change in them that sticks because it comes from them and not from you. This is an incredibly critical aspect of effective teaching. Without this, students are held hostage to you (and you to them), retention drops, motivation wanes easily, and Pilates or whatever movement you teach becomes a passing fad.

Much of what you will discover in our approach to teaching takes into account the importance of cultivating a positive inner and outer context for your student. Because of this your students will be able to experience more change and success more often. Examples of this are: Feeling subtle shifts and changes in their body; understanding more complex concepts in a way that makes sense to them and takes into account their personal experience and goals; greater willingness to explore and experiment; greater motivation to continue their practice at home.

Q: Is this program accredited through the PMA?

QbrushstrokeA: Yes, you will receive 16 PMA credits for your participation and successful completion of the program.

Q: What are, if any, the prerequisites for the program?

QbrushstrokeA: Pilates teachers must have completed a full teacher training program with at least 450 hours of lecture, practice, and observation and been teaching for at least 3 years. Teachers of other modalities will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and are encouraged to get in touch with us to discuss whether or not they’re a good fit.

Q: Will you offer a payment plan option?


A: Yes. It’s as follows:

  • Deposit due by January 20th – $750
  • Payments of 2 or 3 available due in even installments before the end of the course.
    • 2 payments of $775 due on February 15th and March 15th
    • 3 payments of $525 due on February 15th, March 15th, April 15th
  • Payments taken via PayPal.
    • You’ll be asked to fill out a auto payment waiver that allows us to bill you accordingly.
  • TUITION Discounts (for Q & A participants ONLY:
    • Sign up within 1 week of the Q & A call and get a $500 discount on your tuition.
    • Sign up within 4 weeks of the Q & A call and get a $200 discount on your tuition
  • Referral Discount:
    • (Receive up to 2) $150 discount per referred teacher who puts down a deposit.
      • Q & A discounts and Referral discounts can be combined but may not exceed $500 total.

Q: Does this training include what you would learn in Body Brain Basics and Brain Based Education for Movement Professionals?

QbrushstrokeA: Much of what will be covered in the Master’s program is based on these two workshops, but far exceeds the material.

Q: Would you say these learned skills could be applied in small classes full of different learning styles, different bodies and varying ability levels? Or is it more applicable in privates?

QbrushstrokeA: All of the skills you’ll develop through the online and live coursework will help you enhance teaching in every format. Because we’re looking at HOW to teach from a brain science and psychological perspective you’ll find that everything you take away gives you greater insight into how to make teaching movement more powerful no matter if you’re teaching privately or in a large format.

And we will definitely be exploring how to apply the work to a variety of scenarios so you feel comfortable in whatever context you teach most in

Q: What is the weekly time commitment?

QbrushstrokeA: We anticipate that to be successful in integrating the online course material you’ll want to spend 2-3 hours a week reading, watching and responding.

In addition there will be tools and techniques that we’ll ask you to take into your teaching and report back for each course section.

You’ll want to consider preparation time to do this as well as digestion of your findings. This time will vary depending on your teaching load and style, but on average 3 hours a week is what we’re expecting. Slightly more during application weeks.  

Q: As a project-based program do I have to have a specific project already in mind or is this something you will help me with?

Q: As a project-based program do I have to have a specific project already in mind or is this something you will help me with?


A: No! Not at all. Part of what we will be doing through the program is help you articulate, formulate, and implement a project that clearly reflects the ideas and tools we are presenting and resonates with your passion and current teaching direction. We want you to engage in a project that enhances what you already do or takes you in a direction that will elevate your teaching and your level of expertise and authority.

Your 1:1 sessions with each of us will be used in part to help you through this process.

Some examples of what your project can look like are:

  • Case Studies
  • Research Paper
  • Presentation
  • Video
  • Power Point or Prezzi
  • Website