Frequently Asked Questions

Making it easy to say YES!

Q: Where do I start?


A: The best place to start is with the 28-day Fulfilled & Successful Pilates Teacher online self-practice and professional development course. If you are looking for “something” but don’t know exactly what you need or where you’re going, but you know you need to take action, this course is PERFECT.

It’s a well-crafted and strategic 28-day (5 weeks total) course that will: help you anchor into your own self-practice and self-care; give you a community of teachers to connect with and be accountable to; allow you to reevaluate WHY you are teaching and what your passion and purpose for teaching are; and it will help you find greater inspiration and clarity as to what comes next.

In the 28-day course you are encouraged to do a lot of inquiry and self-reflection while using movement and practice as a foundation for restoring balance to your work and between your work and life.

I take you through a process of identifying your Core Commitments, articulating your Purpose and your WHY and help you turn those things into an ANSWER for every question and a means of moving through your roadblocks.

If you’re looking for something to stir things up and set you right, this is definitely the right place to start.

Check it out HERE.

Q: What time commitment is required in the 28-day course?

QbrushstrokeThe only real time commitment is the time you feel like will support your success. The 28-day course is designed to give you all the support you need, but also takes into account that you have to create a schedule that is in alignment with your REAL life.

The ONE live event you are requested to attend in the weekly 1-hour conference call, every Sunday at 10 am PST. This is where we interact, check-in, ask questions and get support.

If you can’t make the calls, it’s actually fine. Everything is recorded and posted so you can listen later in the week, which I highly recommend you do.

Otherwise, here’s a breakdown of the IDEAL commitment:

  • 1 minute per day for affirmation
  • 2-5 minutes per day for breath practice
  • 5-20 minutes a day of movement practice
  • 20-30 minutes every other day for journaling and study

You can take it way down or WAY UP. It’s totally up to you.

You can come back to the material again and again and move through it in your own time or you can stay with the group.

It’s your course.

AND like with EVERYTHING: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Ready to jump in? Enroll now.

Q: Who is the 28-day course for?

QbrushstrokeA: This course is for ANYONE who wants to wake up, be refreshed, be a part of something, and go somewhere.

You can be a student of Pilates or yoga.

You can be a teacher of Pilates or yoga or anything else.

You can be in your teacher training program or a 30-year veteran teacher.

You can be an entrepreneur of ANY kind.

You can be a mom, a dad, a sister, a grandma.

Honestly, I think EVERYONE should take the 28-day course.

So, I guess that means…IT’S FOR YOU!

Q: Who is the one-on-one coaching for?

QbrushstrokeA: One-on-one coaching is for a teacher or studio owner who knows they have work to do and wants to get to it!

If you’re sure change is what you want and need sometimes just one 90-minute coaching session is enough to catapult you into action and speed you in the direction you’re longing to go.

Have questions about marketing, business, anatomy and technique, developing programs, how to create a niche, how to create a workshop, how to promote yourself or your studio, or just about anything else, one-on-one coaching is like dousing an ember with lighter fluid…Poof!!!

Flame on!

Ready to sign up for a session? Go there now.

Q: Who is the Mentoring Program for?

QbrushstrokeA: The Mentoring Program is for serious teachers — whether you are in your teacher training or well beyond – who want MORE and who are dedicated to developing themselves and their teaching in way that moves them closer to mastery and making a long lasting, sustainable career out of teaching.

The program is not linear so teachers can jump in any time. 90% of teachers recommit after their first year and join the ranks of Skillful Teaching Mentoring Alum (your third year and beyond is TOTALLY FREE – minus one-on-ones).

If you want community, accountability, consistent support and learning as well as a dedicated mentor to lean on and are willing to put in the time, this is this program for you.

It’s an application only program. Learn more and apply HERE.

Q: Can I make payment arrangements?

QbrushstrokeA: Payment arrangements are available for the mentoring program. Email me and I’ll send you all the details.

Q: What’s included in the Mentoring Program?

QbrushstrokeA: Ohhhhh, so much! This program is not only one-of-a-kind it is also the most comprehensive professional development program for Pilates teachers in the entire world!

Some of the highlights are:

  • 6-hour Quarterly Workshops: Attend live in California or online elsewhere in the world.
  • Monthly group calls: Explore business and technique. We almost always have a Case Study.
  • Monthly 45-minute private coaching sessions with myself or one of the super qualified and totally awesome ST mentors.
  • A 300-page mentoring manual.
  • Moving Beyond Technique: The book
  • A private online forum via FB where you can connect, ask questions, share success and inspirations, and in general get constant support.

For ALL the details go to the Mentoring Program page and check out the Program Details: HERE

Q: I’m still in my teacher training, can I take advantage of the online courses?

QbrushstrokeA: Definitely.

Q: I’m still in my teacher training, is it too early to join the Mentoring Program?

QbrushstrokeA: In my opinion, it’s the BEST time to jump in to the Mentoring Program.