Ep 43: Where history, art, and potatoes collide – A lesson w/ Anula Maiberg

James and I are very, VERY excited to be sharing this latest episode of the TTP with you. It’s one of our funniest, most philosophical, intelligent, and wild episodes yet. I think we’ve done it; we’ve gotten everything we could possibly get out of a guest. AND Anula gives A LOT!

Get to know her, her philosophy, her take on Pilates, her history, her thoughts on art history and the parallels between art and Pilates as well as be a part of an deeply moving and lighthearted conversation about what we’re really doing.

One of the things that surprised me most about this conversation was what Anula says at the very end: her suggestion for our episode “here”. Wow! What?! YES! Was essentially my reaction. But since I’d been having that reaction from the second we got on the phone I was also like “Ya, totally. Obvs!”

I think the bottom line is we just keep getting better and it has nothing at all to do with us. Anula brings it all to the table. James is a thoughtful and provocative host (no surprise) and the whole thing just f*cking works!

History. Art. Potatoes.

Nuff said.

Heroes + Pro Tip

Our Hero and Pro Tip are going to be one in the same this episode, both courtesy of Anula.

Prokofiev Straight UP!

“I think everybody in their life should listen to Prokofiev’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Listen on Spotify HERE

Anula’s advice:

Listen to the FULL thing and better yet watch the ballet. And check out Prokofiev’s life HERE. Interesting tid bit: Prokofiev died on March 5th, 1963, the same day as Joseph Stalin.


There was something very moving about this podcast and a book that kept coming to mind while we were chatting. It’s so off beat that I didn’t mention it in the show, but if you have kids maybe you’ve heard of it “Old Turtle and The Broken Truth” by Douglas Wood. There were so many times in our chat with Anula that reminded me of how we only half understand something and base our beliefs on that incomplete truth. It’s a journey, of course, and we are where we are. But what if what we believed right now wasn’t the whole truth? What if we were only some version of wrong (and perhaps we always were going to be)?

If you haven’ tread this book, I’d encourage you to pick it up at a used book store or get it as a Kindle book. It’s beautiful and poignant much like the podcast you’re either about to listen to or have just finished.

More about Anula…


Anula Maiberg, co-owner of Sixth Street Pilates, was born in Israel and moved to NYC in 2001 in order to pursue a career in photography. While working on her degree at the School of Visual Arts she fell in love with Pilates. After college and a few years at a ‘desk’ job she realized happiness wasn’t in front of the computer screen. In 2010 Anula decided to attended the Kane School for Core Integration and was fully certified by Kelly Kane. In 2014 she graduated the Kathy Grant Heritage Training® led by Cara Reeser of Pilates Aligned in Denver. A journey that has led her to a deeper understanding of the Method.

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