Ep 47: Season 1 Debrief – We: The Movement

So…this episode is…


Totally off the cuff.

Insanely honest.

Thoughtful. Profound. Goofy.

Riddled with lots of juicy language. (Headphones?)

And the three of us being exactly who we are hashing out all of the beautiful ideas that have infiltrated our conversations over the past (47 episodes, what?!) season.

We talk about:

  • Teaching fatigue
  • The sweet value in allowing our focus and passion to shift and change
  • The idea that facilitation and fixing are not antithesis but tools that we alternate between that support one another
  • That change doesn’t happen by doing EVERYTHING differently but in thinking differently
  • Monogamy (mmhm)
  • What it looks like to change the world through movement
  • That we don’t have to be afraid of being the expert but if expertise is the end goal we might have a problem
  • Social change
  • Cheering up
  • And SO, SO, much more.

Bottom line: How do we cultivate a better sense of ourselves so we can help others show up more fully, for whatever they want, in whatever way they desire. Because maybe that’s what it means to be a teacher – to show up and be genuinely interested.

From my perspective, I think this is one of the richest conversations we’ve had to date and I hope very much that you think so too.


{We: The Movement}

The other REALLY exciting part of this podcast is that James, Debora, and I make a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT about a project we’ve been working on for almost a year. It’s a collaboration and culmination of our deep desire to take what we do as movement teachers and help foster actual social change.

If you’re impatient — like me — you could go straight away to find out what We: The Movement is. Hint: Go to minute 58:08.

We aren’t totally to release HOW We: The Movement will first be tangibly manifested, but you can go HERE to get a better sense of what our vision is for the project.


What’s next for TPP

This is our last episode in our Godzilla-style Season 1 🙂 We will be taking a 2 month break as we improve, plan, digest, and prepare for Season 2.

We are planning for 12-episode seasons, with a continued biweekly release on Wednesdays. So look for Season 2 to begin mid-November.

As our conversation and vision for the podcast continues to evolve, we are reaching out to explorers of not only the body, but also of the human condition. We’re going to be reaching outside of the Pilates community and inviting LOTS of different characters to add their voices.

If you have a recommendation for someone you’d love us to have on, let us know. If you have a topic you’d like us to dig into or a question you want to talk about, let us know. You can connect with us via all the details below…and we HOPE YOU DO!


Connect With Us

Reach us Individually

  • Chantill – chantill@skillfulteaching.com
    • Phone – (707) 738-7951
  • Debora – dkolwey@gmail.com
  • James – evolvedbody@yahoo.com

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