Ep 45: Teacher Debrief – Raising the Volume {Part 1}

This was a very fun two-part series where we explored a new concept called the Teacher Debrief. Originally Debora, James and I wanted to do a show that brought just the three of us back together to reflect on and unearth some of what we’d been talking about in the 4-5 most recent episodes.

Due to some strange scheduling we had a gap that we needed to fill, so we decided the perfect solution would be to bring YOU on the show and find out what you thought.

In these two episodes I essentially pose one simple question: Where are we now and where are we going (in many, many more words than that!).

We had such a great turn out (and because managing the time zones can be tricky) we ended up with two recordings. Both are fantastic!

We’re keeping these super simple. Hope you enjoy the exchange. Stay tuned for part two. And let us know what you think!

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  1. Chantill
    Chantill says:

    Here’s a great comment from Bonnie Lafave:

    RE: Ep 45

    I had to reach out with some thoughts/question about this episode which I have not completed yet! Loving this episode btw….
    I believe I am a fixer (even though I hate that word) slowly progressing into a facilitator. I am seeing so much about brining play into our field and it is so exciting but I have so many questions…for instance in regards to play in a movement session; this is not considered Pilates… Am I correct in saying this? We are bringing in 2 separate ways to connect with movement?
    I love the idea of play; however, my purpose for teaching and for people coming into my studio is to “educate” people on their bodies. I want people to learn how to “manage” their bodies better. And believe me their are so many that have no body awareness whatsoever.

    Without getting to far off course here, I have been using the “try this way and then try this way and see what feels better in your body” approach and what I see is people choose the way that feels best; however, if I am trying to educate people on ways to improve their movement potential is the way they choose really the best for them? Let’s say I work with a dancer that lives in turn out all the time…of course they are going to default to that position. But maybe I want them to work more parallel.
    I guess my question is….is asking what feels right in a body necessarily the best choice? It is not a wrong choice either but I feel it is my job as their teacher to educate them about their choice, otherwise I don’t feel they will see changes in their bodies if we constantly just let them move the way that feels best to them. I know it depends on their goals as well.
    This is a question that has been floating around in my brain for awhile now and after listening to the podcast I felt I had a better handle on it to discuss!!

    Thanks guys!


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