Ep 38: Down the rabbit hole with James Crader – Developing presence and other delightful nonsense

jamesToday is a good day. Today you get to experience the continued brilliance of James Crader, but this time as an official co-host of the Thinking Pilates Podcast. Join me and James every other episode as we explore another parallel thread to being and thinking within the Pilates Method.

It’s total shenanigans (obviously) AND such a rich exploration of our role and responsibility as people in our current culture and teachers in the movement profession.

This first episode is a bit of a teaser where we talk about how we came together, how James and Debora met and the coalescence of the three of us. We also give you some ideas about what we’re going to be talking about including:

  • developing presence in teaching
  • developing presence in life
  • the value of stopping and checking in re:
    • what do we really feel
    • what do we really think
    • what’s important to us
    • what’s motivating us at any given moment
  • attuning to personal wisdom in the body
  • how to cultivate awareness of self mentally, emotionally, physically
  • the difference between the qualities of feeling in the body, mind states and emotional states
    • pleasant
    • unpleasant
    • neutral
  • how to become aware of change
    • change as not always pleasant
  • inviting students to “know” for themselves
  • the language of movement
    • the interpretation of movement and who’s interpretation is it (whose is more important the teacher’s or student’s?)
  • and so much more…

We hope you’ll enjoy this addition to the TPP!



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Pro Tip

What would it be like to not cue anything technical – one time with one student? Just one session?

We’d like to invite you, as the teacher, as well as your student, to simply observe the pacing, the strategy in the moment, what feels comfortable and uncomfortable, and to be present with what’s taking place rather than trying to change what’s taking place.

You can direct your attention to the overall quality of movement, moments of hesitancy, facial expressions, resistance of any kind, body language, and moments of success and pleasure.

You can direct your student’s attention by having them verbalize what they’re experiencing both mentally and physically.

Can you take it all at face value?

We’d love to know how this goes for you.



Evolved Body Blog by James Crader

“It’s Not a Weak Glute…It’s a Weak Relationship With The Glutes.”

“What They’re Really Saying Is…”

Thoughtful Reading:  The Art of Stillness  by Pico Iyer

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