Ep: 29 – Digital Health Meet Joseph Quinn & Pilates Metrics

Big data and digital health meet Pilates.

Pilates meet big data and digital health.

Who’s responsible for this titillating and powerful introduction? Enter Joseph and Karine Quinn, owners of Real People Pilates in Berkeley, CA and founders of the new app for Pilates teachers by Pilates teachers Pilates Metrics, launching NOW!

Join me and my dear friend and colleague Joseph Quinn for a revealing, funny, and personal conversation as we talk about the future of Pilates, how we got our start under the same mentor, and just exactly how much you should tip when you eat out with kids.

Learn about how he — with the help of so many other wonderful Pilates teachers, enthusiasts, and professionals — is about to rocket us into the digital health arena and PROVE the validity of Pilates as a preventative health tool.

Laugh, laugh some more, get fired up and inspired, and laugh some more!

Pilates Metrics is going to change how we do what we do, and I’m betting that even if you’re not the “techy” type you won’t be able to say no to the long term power this app is sure to lead to.

You can also learn more about the Skillful Teaching unique Exercise Library that we created especially for Pilates Metrics. If you like what we’re about, you’re going to love the way we think about and teach Pilates. Get the details of our library HERE.

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