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This is the Mecca of ST resources. Here you will find a ridiculous amount of written, audio, and video content as well as the Thinking Pilates Podcast. Enjoy.

Thinking Pilates Podcast

Pilates is a mindset. Movement is a practice. Teaching is a relationship. We talk about it all. The Thinking Pilates Podcast is a fun, edgy, insightful, and relevant (slightly irreverent) conversation that will make ANY Pilates teacher — or yoga, or dance, or anyone who teaches movement — pause and reconsider how they do what they do. Join us as we probe the inner edges of the Pilates industry and the outer limits of movement science, psychology, art, mindfulness and more. We’re in search of how to be better humans through movement and the Pilates mindset. It’s a wild ride. Jump on!



Audio Recordings- 5 Simple Mindfulness Meditations To Enhance Your Movement Practice

About The Mindfulness Meditations Below you will find FIVE short audio recordings of mindfulness meditation and breath practices you can use to both enhance your movement practice and add a bit of awareness and calm to any moment. I recorded these to accompany a five-part blog series posted by Balanced Body at by the same […]

The Greatest Love Letter You’ll Ever Write…is to yourself

A Love Letter Like No Other   Dearest Friend, I am often surprised at how long we’ve known each other; sometimes it feels like moments. And yet other times it feels like multiple lifetimes. When I think of our friendship I realize that I have rarely let other people know me in the way that […]

First Impressions – Part 2

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. But is that really true? In building relationships, especially in the studio, you have an opportunity to make an evolved impression—one that builds a foundation for long-lasting and loyal relationships. When done thoughtfully this equates to clients who come back over and over again because they trust you and value what you offer.

Effective First Impressions and Student Encounters – Part 1

Scene:  Pilates studio. New student approaches and enters. Student sees someone near the front desk looking busy and approaches tentatively.   New Potential Student’s First Impression: The used car salesman that I loathe, who I know is going to try to take me for all I’m worth, is standing at the front desk of the […]

KISSing, Texting and Cheese

KISSing, Texting and Cheese  (not in that order)   The title of this post is totally outlandish, I know, but I hope it’s grabbed your attention. I’ve had several small and wonderful breakthroughs to share that I believe will not only encourage you but fuel a bit of inspiration for working with your students. First, […]

Seven Essential Questions That Will Rock Your Teaching and Your Business

This project first began as a way of drawing out the richness of our message as teachers. Currently we are working on this in my mentoring group at the studio in order to develop an “elevator pitches” or 30-second commercial and it’s been an invaluable tool. I hope you enjoy working with these questions and that you […]

Creating Inspired Work and Community Outreach Big to Small

What are you inspired to do?   We all dream of doing work that means something; work that contributes to the greater good. If we didn’t it’s not likely that we’d be teaching. But the hard question is how do we do that? No matter if we already know what cause we want to support […]

How Much To Touch

How Much To Touch   The reason it even occurred to me to write this post was watching myself during the Long Stretch series of manual cueing videos we have been releasing. I realized that from an outsider the possibility was that it would seem like I was touching A LOT. Perhaps even too much. […]

Breath, Belly, Butt, and Back – Marrying Contemporary and Classical Pilates

Breath, Belly, Butt, and Back: The Power of the “Bs” (And perhaps some insights on marrying classical and contemporary Pilates…they make better bedfellow than you might think 😉 You know how when you go through your training there are certain phrases, concepts, or experiences that just stick? Those things that for some inexplicable reason resonate […]

Other Free Resources

  • The Cueing Forum

    Get inspired with new verbal cues that will shift the way you teach and the way your students respond. Hundreds of cues to spice things up and make a bigger impact with your teaching!

  • Geeky Articles

    Satisfy your geekiness – technique, repertoire, anatomy and other related topics that will give you a bit of a boost and a much needed spark.

  • Articles for your Inner Teacher

    Go deeper and explore what teaching is really about – developing yourself as a person with clear values and a steadfast commitment to a purpose and vision. Ask the hard questions, get answers that will CHANGE the way your teach and run your business.

  • Geeky Videos

    Videos that highlight repertoire exploration, anatomy and other technical elements that are sure to keep you inspired and curious.