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This is the Mecca of ST resources. Here you will find a ridiculous amount of written, audio, and video content as well as the Thinking Pilates Podcast. Enjoy.

Thinking Pilates Podcast

Pilates is a mindset. Movement is a practice. Teaching is a relationship. We talk about it all. The Thinking Pilates Podcast is a fun, edgy, insightful, and relevant (slightly irreverent) conversation that will make ANY Pilates teacher — or yoga, or dance, or anyone who teaches movement — pause and reconsider how they do what they do. Join us as we probe the inner edges of the Pilates industry and the outer limits of movement science, psychology, art, mindfulness and more. We’re in search of how to be better humans through movement and the Pilates mindset. It’s a wild ride. Jump on!



The Power of WHY NOT? {Courageous Teaching Part 3}

What’s the difference between asking Why? versus Why not? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. In my life, I generally get lots of why? questions: Why take your kids to Vietnam? Why ride a motorcycle? Why a tattoo of a bird? Why move out of one of the most beautiful places in California? […]

Don’t Try {Courageous Teaching Part 2}

“Don’t Try.” That’s the title of a chapter in the book I just finished (more on that later). It reminds me of what Yoda is touted as saying: “Do or do not. There is no try.” But really my current understanding — or appreciation — of this sentiment is that we try too hard to […]

The Power of Imperfection {Courageous Teaching Part 1}

Happy belated New Year, dear teacher. I guess it’s not too late to say that since it’s still January. How’s it going, anyway? How’s 2017 been so far? My experience is that typically this time of year has us either feeling hopeful, full of renewed energy, or frustrated and a little overwhelmed (and maybe, just […]

Discernment and Integration – How and When To Question What You’ve Been Taught

By Skillful Teaching Mentor, Trinity Minty Pilates teachers very well may be some of the most focused and driven people I know. Most of us are passionate about what we do and are gluttons for continuing education. A great many of us hold certificates in a wide variety of modalities, whether they are the foundations […]

Did I do the right thing using the F word?

Last week I had a moment of very real panic about whether or not I’d put my professionalism at risk. It started when I was composing the title for the latest Thinking Pilates Podcast. My first idea and gut instinct was to use profanity in the title. I typed it in. “No Fucking Around…” Then I […]

Fearless Teaching – What if you didn’t need to be RIGHT?

What does fearless teaching look like? To answer that question we have to begin by asking another more poignant question, one that you might not want to answer and one that might be difficult to answer honestly: How committed are you to being right? Now hold on. Before you just jump in and say “No, […]

Ep. 25: Missed Opportunities in Teaching – How to recognize and utilize pivotal opportunities for potent teaching

It happens to the best of us. We get in our own way. In this episode Chantill and Debora explore how we can get caught in our own agendas or lack of confidence and miss valuable opportunities to bring power and precision to our teaching. Whether you’re a new teacher focused on mastering complex choreography […]

Part 2 – The 4 Most Pivotal Teaching Tools For Enhancing Motivation in our Pilates Students and Ourselves

In this article we look at our final two key concepts to enhancing motivation in our students and providing a premise for us to stay on track and committed to our students’ progress. Here’s a brief recap of what we covered in the first two articles: “Number One Reason Pilates Students Don’t Stay Motivated & […]

Other Free Resources

  • The Cueing Forum

    Get inspired with new verbal cues that will shift the way you teach and the way your students respond. Hundreds of cues to spice things up and make a bigger impact with your teaching!

  • Geeky Articles

    Satisfy your geekiness – technique, repertoire, anatomy and other related topics that will give you a bit of a boost and a much needed spark.

  • Articles for your Inner Teacher

    Go deeper and explore what teaching is really about – developing yourself as a person with clear values and a steadfast commitment to a purpose and vision. Ask the hard questions, get answers that will CHANGE the way your teach and run your business.

  • Geeky Videos

    Videos that highlight repertoire exploration, anatomy and other technical elements that are sure to keep you inspired and curious.