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The Power of WHY NOT? {Courageous Teaching Part 3}

What’s the difference between asking Why? versus Why not? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. In my life, I generally get lots of why? questions: Why take your kids to Vietnam? Why ride a motorcycle? Why a tattoo of a bird? Why move out of one of the most beautiful places in California? […]

Don’t Try {Courageous Teaching Part 2}

“Don’t Try.” That’s the title of a chapter in the book I just finished (more on that later). It reminds me of what Yoda is touted as saying: “Do or do not. There is no try.” But really my current understanding — or appreciation — of this sentiment is that we try too hard to […]

Ep 38: Down the rabbit hole with James Crader – Developing presence and other delightful nonsense

Today is a good day. Today you get to experience the continued brilliance of James Crader, but this time as an official co-host of the Thinking Pilates Podcast. Join me and James every other episode as we explore another parallel thread to being and thinking within the Pilates Method. It’s total shenanigans (obviously) AND such a […]