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S2 Ep 5: Embodied Leadership

Embody. Embodiment. To be embodied. Embodied movement… EMBODY is almost as big a buzz word these days in the realm of movement as fascia has been for the past 10 years. And like fascia, many of us are still trying to figure out what it actually means. We have a sense of it. We can […]

S2 Ep 2: Grit + Tenderness w/ Brooke Thomas

“Tenderness may be the most powerful force in the Universe.” That’s a quote from our rockstar guest, Brooke Thomas. Join James and I as we get deep (squishy, yummy, raw, and real) with podcaster, Rolfer, movement educator, truth-seeker, and all around super cool chic, Brooke Thomas. Brooke is the co-creator of the podcast Bliss + […]

S2 Ep 1: Celebration!!!

It’s a whole new season and we are READY to CELEBRATE! In this first episode of Season 2, Debora, James and I go deep into the juicy, fuzzy, feel good realm of celebrating and what it means to celebrate our bodies, ourselves, our practices and just plain being alive. We have so many wonderful NEW things […]