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S2 Ep 1: Celebration!!!

It’s a whole new season and we are READY to CELEBRATE! In this first episode of Season 2, Debora, James and I go deep into the juicy, fuzzy, feel good realm of celebrating and what it means to celebrate our bodies, ourselves, our practices and just plain being alive. We have so many wonderful NEW things […]

Ep: 47 Season 1 Debrief – We: The Movement

So…this episode is… Hilarious. Totally off the cuff. Insanely honest. Thoughtful. Profound. Goofy. Riddled with lots of juicy language. (Headphones?) And the three of us being exactly who we are hashing out all of the beautiful ideas that have infiltrated our conversations over the past (47 episodes, what?!) season. We talk about: Teaching fatigue The […]

The Power of WHY NOT? {Courageous Teaching Part 3}

What’s the difference between asking Why? versus Why not? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. In my life, I generally get lots of why? questions: Why take your kids to Vietnam? Why ride a motorcycle? Why a tattoo of a bird? Why move out of one of the most beautiful places in California? […]

Don’t Try {Courageous Teaching Part 2}

“Don’t Try.” That’s the title of a chapter in the book I just finished (more on that later). It reminds me of what Yoda is touted as saying: “Do or do not. There is no try.” But really my current understanding — or appreciation — of this sentiment is that we try too hard to […]