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Fearless Teaching – What if you didn’t need to be RIGHT?

What does fearless teaching look like? To answer that question we have to begin by asking another more poignant question, one that you might not want to answer and one that might be difficult to answer honestly: How committed are you to being right? Now hold on. Before you just jump in and say “No, […]

Ep. 24: All About Eve Gentry

This is, what I’m sure will be, the first of several conversations with Debora Kolwey — our Thinking Pilates Podcast co-host — about one of her teachers and mentors, Eve Gentry. Our chat takes place right after Debora was a speaker on a panel at the PMA conference on Eve and her work. It’s a […]

Ep 21: Zen and the Art of Teaching with Tom McCook

Tom McCook is one of my all time favorite teachers not only to study with but to just be near. There are those rare people who you gravitate toward as if they were pulling you into their orbit – that is Tom. Learn how this deeply calm, compassionate and inquisitive teacher builds his teaching foundation. […]