About Chantill Lopez

Chantill Lopez, PMA CPT, RYT
Mentor, Master Teacher, Teacher Trainer
Author of “Moving Beyond Technique”

“What greater, more humbling journey is there than to be a teacher? Outside of being a parent, I can’t think of one. Teaching not only demands paying attention with your whole being, but that you reflect, grow and investigate beyond what the non-teacher may be willing to endure. It is a life of humility, curiosity, learning and missteps, but one that nothing else matches. If what I have gleaned from the amazing teachers I’ve known can be shared, I hope it is of as much value as it has been to me.”

I’m glad you’re here!

I’ve been teaching for a long time and the only reason I’m still doing it is because I love what I do! But not only that. I’ve been through the mill, had to ask the tough questions, search for and find the right answers, and have come out on the other side not only knowing my purpose more clearly, but knowing myself more deeply. Want to hear it? Here it goes:

My purpose through Skillful Teaching is to develop you as a WHOLE person, to guide you down the long road of integrating your technique into a profoundly powerful career of service, education and creativity that is not only financially successful, but personally fulfilling.

Here’s a little bit about me:

After more than 20 years of teaching, 15 of which have been spent teaching Pilates, yoga, dance, meditation and other movement modalities to a complex variety of folks, I am proud to be a teacher of teachers. Building relationships with teachers who want to be unabashedly amazing at what they do — teachers who want to move beyond the clockwork pieces of technique and blow the top off their potential – is what excites me most about my work and keeps me inspired.

During this time I’ve also had the opportunity to join the Balanced Body Faculty as well as develop an in-depth year-long international live and online mentoring program.

My current focus is on building and refining the Skillful Teaching mentoring program so teachers around the world have access to thoughtful, inspiring, and continuing education and support no matter where they are on their teaching path.

These days I teach throughout the U.S. and offer online coursework and support to teachers around the world. I actively teach out of several studios in the Northern California & Bay Area  including Sonoma and Napa counties, Sacramento and San Francisco.

You can also see my article contributions in Pilates Digest, Pilates-Pro, Pilates Tree, Elephant Journal and the BB COREterly newsletter. I am also the author of “Moving Beyond Technique: How To Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, and Create a Thriving Pilates Business.”

My Teaching Philosophy:

Be real. Don’t fake it. Be able to say I don’t know. Laugh at myself. Extend compassion to myself and my students. Enter in fully, every time, ready or not.

The Details:  

I hold Pilates certifications from the PhysicalMind Institute and Body Kinetics with Master Teacher Carol Appel. I am also certified in Yamuna Body Rolling and Vinyasa yoga, and have extensively studied the work of Philip Beach, Feldenkrais, the Franklin Method, Authentic Movement, and the Halprin Life/Art Process, as well as Vipasana meditation, Buddhist psychology and The Work by Byran Katie. Over the years I’ve also trained in the Walkilates method, obtained certificates in Pilates for Golf and am a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher and teacher trainer. I am a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT).

Admittedly, I am also an anatomy geek — with more than 600 hours of anatomy under my belt (I think…get’s kinda hard to keep track) — and spend many, many weekends in front of yoga and Pilates teachers examining why knowing “why” the body does what it does is likely one of the single most important skills we can develop over time. Currently I offer Functional and Experiential Anatomy courses all over California and online.

My path has been laid in part by my amazing mentor, Carol Appel, and the many teachers that have inspired me to not be just a good teacher — but instead an exceptional one: Amy Taylor Alpers, Elizabeth Larkam, Nora St. John, and Tom McCook to name just a few.

My Foundation:

I am supported by my loving family, the most tortured of whom is my husband Carlos, our son Charlie, and daughter Cydney.

Studios I collaborate with...

Learn more about EPY Center, the studio where I currently offer the Balanced Body Teacher Training Program. You can also learn more about the studio I co-founded, my second studio, Pilates Collective HERE where I still coach and teach teachers as well as offer Functional & Experiential Anatomy courses as well as other workshops.