Why Skillful Teaching is in a category of its own.

Everything your Teacher Training isn’t, wasn’t and can’t be.

Here’s the truth…

Your teacher training cannot give you everything.

In fact, the primary thing your teacher training is designed to give you is the technical skill to safely and accurately apply your method or technique. And luckily for us, most of them are fantastic at what they do.

Teacher trainings do NOT typically teach you how to be a great teacher. They do not develop you personally and directly. They do not help you clarify your purpose or your priorities, nor do they help you begin to discover what kind of teacher you want to be or currently are. They are singularly focused on ONE thing.

For more than 10 years I’ve been teaching teachers, coaching, mentoring, guiding, watching, and developing teachers in Pilates and yoga and this is what I absolutely know to be true: 

If we are going to truly excel at teaching as a life-long vocation and craft we need something that goes beyond our teacher trainings and technical continuing education.

If there is one thing I wish, it’s that someone would have asked me this simple question when I started teaching:  “What kind of teacher do you want to be?”   Then, what I wish is that I would have had the courage to ask for help, to seek out someone with the knowledge, the tenacity, kindness and willingness to steer me in a direction that was authentic and rewarding. That is why I created Skillful Teaching, because I love teaching and am dedicated to the development of successful and fulfilled Pilates teachers.

Why Become a Skillful Teacher?

To be skillful is to be discerning, to respond rather than react, to make decisions and take action — directly related to our students or our business — based on our deepest values.

To flourish in the complexities of teaching we have to be able to call on the deepest parts of ourselves. To do that, we must KNOW the deepest parts of ourselves and have clarity about how to act from these aspects of who we are.
Becoming a skillful teacher leads us to creating an authentic teaching life, an authentic work life, an authentic life where what we do, say, and think all line up. From this place we attract the perfect clients, we feel rejuvenated and nurtured by our teaching rather than depleted by it and our work not only becomes a means of livelihood, but a true service to the world we live in.

Skillful teaching is about moving toward mastery in our personal and professional lives so that each are always a genuine reflection of the other.


What change is achieved because we exist?

Skillful Teaching does what no other program does: It transforms good technicians into GREAT teachers.

Skillful Teaching is a unique and powerful educational platform fundamentally designed to develop teachers with a WHOLE-person approach. We don’t shy away from the inner aspects of what teaching, especially the body, requires of us. We don’t avoid the deeply personal challenges of teaching, we bring them to the surface and strive to align our inner and outer experiences in a way that ensures long lasting success and fulfillment.

Our programs provide mentorship and training to teachers who want to make teaching a life-long and sustainable vocation – one that they can not only flourish in, but that is an unending creative endeavor that allows them to bring EVERYTHING they are to EVERYTHING they do.

Through in-depth exploration and practical application of the science and psychology of teaching, we are shaping the professional standards for Pilates, yoga, and other somatic practitioners and redefining what it means to be a teacher – a teacher with heart, soul, and incredible technical skill.

Using our whole-person driven curriculum teachers are able to create value-based businesses, add longevity and sustainability to lackluster careers, define their niche and purpose for teaching, establish themselves as experts and authorities in their chosen fields, and make the greatest impact on clients and students while reaping the greatest personal, professional, and financial rewards.

Skillful Teaching is changing the way teaching is taught and the way teachers are trained. We are changing the face of the Pilates profession and beyond.


What are results are we driving toward?

Skillful Teaching offers Pilates teachers the tools, insights and skills to create meaningful work, to be truly present, effective and successful in their teaching.

Our programs, curriculum, coaching, and mentoring allow teachers to seek out and achieve mastery within the teaching craft; to step beyond technical skill alone and make teaching an authentic expression of who they are, their values and drive them to greater success for the long run personally, professionally, and financially.

Skillful Teaching supports teachers in integrating their chosen work with their lives so that one is always a reflection of the other and both are born out of a sense of conscious awareness, generosity, creative spirit and a willingness to see themselves and their work clearly.

Skillful Teaching provides long-term and innovative solutions in the following areas:

  • Personal and vocational mastery
  • Teacher-student relationships
  • Communication skills
  • Motivation, coaching, and progressing students
  • Learning optimization via:
    • Internal and external environments
    • Brain-based learning
    • Student-centered teaching
  • Business development and marketing
  • Program development and funnel creation
  • Technical, anatomical, bio mechanical and other supporting methodological skill development including but not limited to:
    • Verbal and hands-on cueing
    • Functional anatomy
    • Somatics and somatic psychology
    • Kinesiology

Skillful Teaching provides long-term and innovative solutions for teachers who:

  • Struggle with burnout, overwhelm, and a lack of direction and purpose.
  • Want financial stability.
  • Desire specialization and to develop themselves in a niche or as an expert.
  • Want consistent, dedicated guidance in the early stages of their careers or while in teacher training.
  • Want to evolve and grow, but don’t know how.
  • Struggle with self-doubt, student retention, and taking their teaching to the next level.
  • Want to teach teachers or mentor others.
  • Struggle to achieve work/life balance.

What you can expect from me and the ST programs:

Personal, intuitive, targeted (100% honest) feedback and guidance  = powerful results, increased confidence and greater sustainability for your work and very likely increased financially success. You don’t need to believe me, you just have take a moment to see what other teachers are saying about their work with me in and out of the studio.