Top 10 Reasons To Choose Skillful Teaching

  • #1 Nothing else like it in the WORLD!

    The truth is there is NOTHING else in the world like Skillful Teaching. Whether you are brand new to teaching or you’ve been teaching for 20 or 30 years, it’s never too late to begin digging deeper into what it means to be an educator, to reach for mastery in teaching, to be a leader, and make a true, long-lasting vocation out of the craft of teaching. This kind of support for ongoing exploration and excellence cannot be found anywhere else in this format and with this level of commitment to developing the WHOLE teacher.

  • #3 A real relationship with a mentor.

    What I’m an expert at is teaching. But the real reason I’m good at what I do is not my experience, it’s what’s at my core, what I’m naturally talented at, which is building relationships. Teaching is ultimately about creating valuable relationships, being able to make others feel seen and heard, motivated, supported and to show them all that they are possible – their ultimate potential. What I used to do for my Pilates students I now do for my Pilates and yoga teachers. If you want a real relationship with someone who just happens to be an expert at teaching…this is where it’s possible.

  • #4 Always the whole teacher.

    Skillful Teaching is founded on the idea that to create and sustain a successful and fulfilling teaching career it means developing the WHOLE teacher, the whole person. The work we do at ST is multi-layered and rich and requires you to look closely at WHY you teach, turning that PURPOSE into ACTION whether in your actual teaching or in your business and relationships.

  • #5 Save money.

    Just think about how much money you spend on continuing education, misdirected marketing, making less than informed business choices and leaving programs and offerings in place that are not attracting students…

    Not only can you find more than 75 hours worth of valuable, thoughtful, cutting edge continuing education, you will be exposed to strategies and tools that will SAVE you time and money, making you a more effective teacher and entrepreneur.

  • #6 Save time.

    The resources available to you via Skillful Teaching allow you to concentrate your time and efforts in one place whether you are looking for online education or one-on-one support or a combination of the two. We’ve made it easy to start where you are so that you can progress and grow within the offerings and not have to keep bouncing around. There is power in choosing ONE thing and ultimately it not only saves you TIME and MONEY but keeps you focused and moving forward.

  • #7 This is my ONE thing!

    Teaching teachers how to be great is WHAT I DO. I put aside teaching students in the studio so I was 100% focused on developing resources and offerings in support of teachers. ALL of my attention is on you and your success because I’m not splitting my time between a normal teaching schedule and Skillful Teaching. I teach A LOT, but I teach to teachers so I’m always investing in how to do that better, offer more powerful tools and content, and I’m constantly in conversation with teachers around the world so I know what they need.

  • #8 I wrote the book (literally)

    I love this work so much I even wrote a book about it. Actually two, “The Big Book on Teaching”, scheduled to be released this coming January 2016, is the follow-up to my first tiny book on teaching called “Moving Beyond Technique: How to Nurture Your Passion, Master Your Craft, and Create a Thriving Pilates Business.” Read reviews and check it out HERE. 

  • #9 I don’t know everything but I share EVERYTHING I know

    Part of my teaching philosophy is that I’m not afraid to say “I don’t know.” This makes me more willing to explore, investigate, and work from a place of constant curiosity. AND I always share EVERYTHING I know. If I’m working on it, I share it with you. If I’ve read about it and I think it’s relevant, I share it with you. If I discover a new method, come up with a new exercise, develop new curriculum, I share it with you. I write about it, make videos about it, record podcasts about it and in general never stop the flow.

    If you want a resource that is going to continually provide valuable insight and content, I’m betting Skillful Teaching is a good fit.

  • #10 Money is never an issue.

    If you find something that I offer that you think is going to make an impact on you, I want to make it work. Payment arrangements are always an option. There is a payment plan already in place for the mentoring program, but if you need something else, just shoot me an email at